Pub. 7 2016 Issue 3

Interest Rate Risk Monitor ® ; Asset/Liability Analysis Your management team will find that The Baker Group’s quarterly review of the loan and deposit information outlined in the Interest Rate Risk Monitor and Asset Liability Analysis is an effective tool in managing your risk and performance . Advanced Portfolio Monitor ® The Advanced Portfolio Monitor is a key monthly report that we utilize to help you measure, monitor, and manage the overall risk and performance of your investments. Baker Bond Accounting ® The Baker Group will provide you with accurate, easy-to-read reports that are delivered electronically to you each month. Quarterly Interest Rate Risk Strategy Our quarterly Interest Rate Risk Strategy provides a template for the effective discussion of your current and future investment and asset/liability position. Investment and Asset/Liability Policies The Baker Group will assist in the development and review of policies to ensure optimal integration with your management system. Securities Selection The selection of securities used in the development of your portfolio is critical to the achievement of performance goals and managing interest rate risk. The Baker Group specializes in identifying the best relative value in themarket through competitive bids and offerings that will fit your financial institution. To obtain the resources you need to maximize the performance of your bank, call our Financial Strategies Group at 800.937.2257 today and ask for Ryan Hayhurst. We’re serious about banks who are serious about minimizing their upfront expenses. That’s why we’re offering a six-month free trial of our entire service package. Member: FINRA and SIPC Oklahoma City, OK | Atlanta, GA | Austin, TX | Indianapolis, IN | Salt Lake City, UT | Springfield, IL | 800.937.2257 The Baker Group LP is the sole authorized distributor for the products and services developed and provided by The Baker Group Software Solutions, Inc. Maximize the P erformance of Your Bank