Pub. 6 2015 Issue 3

Member: FINRA and SIPC Oklahoma City, OK | Atlanta, GA | Austin, TX | Indianapolis, IN | Salt Lake City, UT | Springfield, IL | 800.937.2257 *The Baker Group LP is the sole authorized distributor for the products and services developed and provided by The Baker Group Software Solutions, Inc. Education Tailored Board Education • Webinars for ALCO • Interest Rate Risk Seminars • Asset/Liability Management • Evaluate Earnings and Capital at Risk • Simulate Stressed Rate Scenarios • Analyze Risk Management Strategies Investment Strategies • Develop Quarterly Strategies • Determine Optimal Relative Value • Manage Risk vs. Reward Tradeoff Since 1979, The Baker Group has helped community financial institutions steer through unpredictable economic environments using robust tools and resources for interest rate risk and investment portfolio management. As we transition through 2015, our task is to now help financial institutions develop effective processes and strategies that will ensure optimal performance in a puzzling financial environment. Our proven approach of total resource integration utilizing software and products developed by Baker’s Software Solutions* — combined with our solid investment experience and advice — makes us the investment firm of choice for financial institutions. When facing a transition through an uncertain environment, The Baker Group can help you fit together the pieces of the financial puzzle. To find out how The Baker Group can assist your institution in defining and meeting its financial objectives, call your Baker representative or Ryan Hayhurst at 800.937.2257.