Pub. 12 2021 Issue 4


A Message from the Chief Executive: West Virginia Young Banker of the Year Award 2021

The West Virginia Bankers Association has embarked on an exciting effort to grow the next generation of banking leaders.

Recognizing a need to assist our member banks in developing high-potential employees with the leadership skills and tools necessary to address the challenges facing our industry, WVBankers formed an Emerging Leaders Program in 2014. The program has been quite successful: 95 talented and motivated individuals have graduated and positively impacted their organization – financially, socially, and intellectually. The 12-month blended learning program, which requires online participation and attendance at full-day programs, is designed to develop the next generation of financial leadership. Focus areas include leadership, communication, influence, advocacy, individual development planning, and community service.

A small group of Emerging Leader graduates who had developed relationships through the program approached us in 2017 about forming a Future Leaders Council to encourage sustained commitment, loyalty and active engagement in matters that affect the banking industry and its customers. The Future Leaders Council consists of 10 members. I’d like to recognize them individually for their passion and dedication to identify and promote educational opportunities for developing leaders across the state:

Brian Cayton, Community Bank of Parkersburg, Past Chairman
Chris Davis, Community Bank of Parkersburg
Hoy Ferguson, Davis Trust Company
Erika Lee, Poca Valley Bank
Jared Moncman, Pleasants County Bank, Chairman
Gabby Newcomer, FNB Bank
Felicity Ours, Summit Financial Group
Holly Terrell, First Neighborhood Bank, Secretary
Chase Thomas, Clear Mountain Bank, Treasurer
Angie Zirk, Summit Financial Group

The Future Leaders Council provides its members the opportunity to share ideas with their peers, gain valuable career insight from member bank CEOs, and learn from industry speakers. In addition to furthering leadership skills and career development, the Council’s events provide a fantastic opportunity to get to know other bankers and build relationships within the industry. Members are also encouraged to meet and foster relationships with their legislators at events such as the WVBankers Legislative Day in Charleston and the WVBankers/ABA Government Relations Summit in Washington, D.C.

The Future Leaders Council meets quarterly and recently presented a proposal to WVBankers board of directors to establish a West Virginia Young Banker of the Year award. This award will recognize one outstanding West Virginia banker employed by one of the Association’s member banks. The award will officially identify a young banker who has excelled in learning, leadership, and service. Candidates must be under the age of 40 with more than one year of banking experience, and must be nominated by a member bank executive officer between January 1 and April 30, 2022. The winner, selected by the WVBankers board of directors, will be recognized and honored at our 2022 Annual Meeting and Convention.

I am sure each of you can identify a rising star within your organization. They are high performers who demonstrate the desire, capacity, and initiative to make a significant contribution to the success of your bank. They are forward-thinking, adaptable, and innovative and have an innate ability to inspire and influence others toward achieving a common goal. They are driven to accomplish remarkable things.

WVBankers is doing exciting work to develop, connect and engage the next generation of banking leaders. Our goal is to deepen the connection between emerging leaders and the Association, deepen connections within the banking industry, and foster connections with industry professionals and elected officials.

Engaging and developing the next generation of bank leaders is critical to our industry’s success. The future of our industry depends on having bright, energetic, and qualified individuals leading our banks well into the future, which is why our emerging leader engagement is one of our top priorities.